• Israel Sports Tours

    Home to three of the world's major religions, steeped in history, blessed with spectacular panoramas of lush forests and gorgeous deserts, host to a contrast of  seas - Sea of Galilee, Dead Sea, Red Sea, Mediterranean - brimming fill with nightlife, beaches and entertainment, Israel offers the most unique ingredients for a distinctive  and memorable sports tour.

    Few places have the capability to offer such a diverse platform of sports and adventure sports wrapped in an environment wallpapered with the pages of history and the bible, and surrounded by a modern infrastructure and a high tech industry creating the blue-prints for the future.
    Whatever your team sport, adventure sport or special interest, the inherent tourism resources of Israel, and the menu of options allows for a customizable tour that will be etched into your memory and a source of conversation for years to come.
    Tee off into the 2nd Century,  score a goal on the lowest point on earth, and cycle through Roman antiquities - you can't lose on a sports tour to Israel -no matter the score !
  • Why Us?
    Israel Sports Tours is a sports travel and event marketing agency that has pioneered sports tourism in Israel, and is the only company offering  multi-dimensional and comprehensive sports travel services.

    Our staff is a unique mix of travel and sports marketing experts with significant expertise and knowledge  of Israel and Israeli sports, and the inherent passion to translate your dream sports tour into an unforgettable reality!

    We have the capacity to customize any sports team or adventure sports tour according to the needs and requirements of any group including combining elements from both the adventure sports and team sports menus/options.
    Our staff lives sports and travel and our global brand guarantees the best in quality, commitment and service.